We set out on a journey spanning centuries of creation and adaptation of musical pieces and melodies of the High Holiday prayers. The sanctity of the Days of Awe seeks to engage and move congregants, with melodies that are at times chosen even when they are unrelated to the source or cultural value that it had in its original context.

Guest: Dr. Amalia Kedem

In English | Sunday | Sept. 10 | 8pm (1pm EDT)



For those attending Ashkenazi services in the High Holidays, the melodies, modes and motifs of the prayers generate the atmosphere and feeling of the Days of Awe, no less than the words of the prayers themselves.


Our three-part series explores the melodies and nusach formulas used on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to understand the mechanisms that enable such a powerful synagogue experience.

עוד בבית אבי חי